iOS + macOS Developer (Sr. or Mid Range)

বিবরণ : iOS + macOS Developer (Sr. or Mid Range). সংস্থা : Evatix. অবস্থান : Be among the first 25 applicants

Department Mission

We are building a next-generation, secure mailing engine, VPN, and other related applications as per the requirements.


Read every detail carefully, 90% of job seekers failed because they didn’t read documents carefully. It takes about an hour plus to apply for the job, we take every candidate seriously. It is not like other job posts where candidates apply and did not get a reply back in months. We will reply very quickly and to all, even those who are rejected. There is a good chance of getting hired who follows full instructions. Please take note of the job code for the next page.

Equal Opportunity & Assessment

Evatix is an equal opportunity employer where employees are only evaluated based on their adaptation, skill-sets, and knowledge rather than conventional academic backgrounds or certificates. Here you will be valued for your passion for coding and achieving goals. If you love taking challenges, problem-solving, learning new things then look no further than Evatix.


Deadline & Vacancies

18-Jan-2021 | Code: 3da2adaa-6fcc-miOS-aa56-845911699be8 (take this for questionnaires) | Vacancies : 1


One will work as a self-driven iOS + macOS developer with minimal (mid-range) or no supervision (senior).


One should have authority over their own code. And fix as per the reviewer or mentor guide.


One will be self-driven and independent with little (mid-range developer) or no supervision (Senior) to work on their project. One will have to take responsibility for their work and code. One might have to write automation, Unit testing, or integration testing, depending on the project need.



  • Having an engineering background or degree is an advantage, however, it is not a requirement.
  • Don’t care! As long as you clear the interview and exam process.
  • Topmost: adaptation skills, learn things quickly, meant it literally. (Immediately get hired regardless of the skills or education.)
  • Git, Git Conflict resolve, GitFlow.
  • Unit testing
  • Principals: SOLID, DRY
  • Entire App Lifecycle (Build, Deploy, Release)
  • Swift preferred over Objective-C (One needs to be efficient at both)
  • Design patterns: Builder, Chaining, Strategy,...
  • Error handling
  • Concurrent and Parallel Programming
  • Mutex concept
  • BigO Concepts
  • Database Design, CRUD, ORM
  • SQL, Stored Procedure writing
  • RESTful APIs, Websockets
  • Understanding Automation and Configurable Application Building
  • Familiarity with FCM and push notifications
  • Cocoa (OSX) Framework
  • Work from home during COVID-19.
  • One should have their own computer for the probation period only. (Processor: AMD Ryzen 6 3600 or similar in benchmark, RAM 16GB minimum, 32 GB recommended)
Nice to Have
  • ReactNative
  • Flutter
  • Code Generation
  • Bash, Powershell, CMD Programming, any command-line tooling.
  • Different Screen-size concepts and how to fit things in different screens smoothly
  • JavaScript
  • Communication between processes
  • Knowing Java


Salary Range

BDT. 60K-120K per month. Yearly package: 13 x monthly offer.

Salary Bonus
  • Bonus: One extra month salary divided by two EID festivals.
  • Paid time off(PTO): 15 days yearly, except for the probation period.
Salary Notes
  • 13 months of salary paid for 12 months of work.
  • Actually, excluding PTOs and holidays, it is somewhat around 11 months of work and 13 months of pay.
  • Salary depends on your skillset and negotiation skills.
  • If you are exceptional then we can go higher than the range defined, it all depends on your adaptation skills and attitude.